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    about us

SEELE, from German, means: emotion, mind
"SEELE" joined "R"
SEELER means: the guardian of the mind, awakening the beauty of life


Seeler Cannes, in costumes,
Depicting the ideas, concepts, and culture of urban women,
Meet the needs of quality life,
In the end, people get a whole body fit with the costumes.
Create the most balanced and elegant manner.


Committed to classic, fashionable, high-quality clothing style, ingenious interpretation of silk clothing,
Let the urban women who are happy and peaceful have more elegant charm.

Silk is the DNA of the SEELER brand, and it is also the oriental charm and poetry. The softness and softness of the touch, the gentle power that God can't refuse, must be tasted with heart.


Just like SEELER women, they pursue intriguing beauty, prefer fashion and subtle, natural and unobtrusive clothing style, without blind pursuit of hot trends, value the exquisite style of the style and the quality of the fabric, seeking the best balance between body and clothing. status. It is this quiet and indifferent state of mind that brings comfort and relaxation to the body and mind. The unique and elegant romantic temperament naturally blooms from the inside out.


Apparel is the second layer of skin for women. As we experience each unique moment, it becomes a beautiful mark of the world. Don't be dominated by fashion, always remember to listen to your inner voice. SEELER, guarding the beauty of life, deconstructs the balance of fashion. Write the urban women's quality dress culture with the elegance and elegance of silk. With intriguing ingenuity, it opens up the subtle rhythm of the fit between the person and the costume, balances harmony, and enjoys the beauty of elegance.

Balanced aesthetic wisdom between people and costumes


“Elegance is a taste attitude, intriguing but not unassuming; urban is an aesthetic temperament, sleek and simple taste; exquisite is an ingenuity, attention to detail and quality.” SEELER has a quiet and restrained elegance and classic minimalist city Taste, exquisite details, good at highlighting women's unique temperament, pay attention to comfortable and pleasant wearing experience, especially the silk series, oriental noble materials and Western fashion, and excellent quality, become SEELER's most impressive products.

Elegant, urban, refined

Silk rhyme Tiancheng Ya heart