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创始于1985年,是以丝绸面料和服装为主要事业领域的大型企业集团,在深圳、浙江、上海、深圳等地均设有大型原料基地、织造工厂,拥有完整的产业供应链,依托科学规范的管理系统以及忠诚专业的人才团队, 华丝企业已经发展成为技术型和市场型的国际化大型综合类纺织服装企业。

Founded in 1985,Shenzhen China Silk Enterprise Ltd.is a conglomerate major business in silk fabrics and garment
manufacturing.With its ownership of large raw material bases,weaving,printing,and garment factories in Shenzhen,Zhejiang & Shang hai,and its normative management systems,scientific manufacturing facilities and faithful professional teams,Shenzhen China Silk possesses a complete supply chain in the garment industry,and has grown into a large technology-based & market-oriented international integrated textile & garment enterprise.


On the basis of large scale, excellent product quality, and efficient management and service, Shenzhen China Silk seeks continuous development and constant upgrades for its industrial structure, concurrent with active exploration of international market opportunities and the promotion of international cooperation in the textile and garment sector. The corporation has established subsidiary companies in Hong Kong,Shanghai,and the USA for business, research & design purposes, scope of services covering all the main markets of Europe and the USA.