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CHINA SILK 经过近30年的努力,与欧洲众多的服装品牌企业都建立了良好的关系和信用基础,同时 CHINA SILK的丝绸面料和丝绸服装在欧美主要市场已经具有较高的知名度和众多的客户, 如 ARMANI、 Kate spade、 theory、 hoss、TALBOTS、J.CREW、laundry 等国际品牌以及欧洲一些著名的服装设计工作室在产品研发、设计、 ODM、OEM 等业务领域与 CHINA SILK保持广泛而紧密的合作。

After 30 years of experience, China Silk high reputation is known throughout the USA and Europe. We have built a wealth of long lasting relationships with our customers and a solid foundation with many famous European and American fashion companies. Our silk fabrics and garments are held in high regard by companies throughout the world winning praise from old and new customers alike. Famous international brands, such as Armani, Kate Spade, Theory, Hoss, Talbots, J. Crew, and Laundry, maintain extensive and close cooperation with China Silk in the areas of product research and development, design, ODM (original design manufacturer) & OEM (original equipment manufacturer).