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    about us

Shenzhen China Silk Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1985, it is a large-scale enterprise group with silk fabrics and garments as its main business areas. It has large raw material bases and weaving factories in Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It has a complete industrial supply chain and relies on scientific norms. The management system and the loyal professional talent team, Huasi Enterprise has developed into a technical and market-oriented international large-scale comprehensive textile and garment enterprise.


Based on its strong scale and excellent product quality, Shenzhen Huasi Enterprise relies on high-quality and efficient management and service. While developing and upgrading, it is actively exploring the international market and developing diversified international markets in textile and apparel. In cooperation, Hong Kong and the United States have set up working organizations with commerce, R&D, design and other major businesses. The service scope has covered all major markets in Europe and America.

Global distribution

After nearly 30 years of hard work, CHINA SILK has established a good relationship and credit foundation with many European clothing brands. At the same time, CHINA SILK's silk fabrics and silk garments have a high reputation and numerous customers in major European and American markets. International brands such as ARMANI, Kate spade, theory, hoss, TALBOTS, J.CREW, laundry and some famous European fashion design studios maintain extensive and close cooperation with CHINA SILK in product development, design, ODM, OEM and other business areas. .