Textile and clothing enterprises take multiple measures to expand the market and cultivate new machines


2022-11-21 20:04

At present, in order to effectively cope with export problems, China's textile and garment enterprises accelerate the global layout, pay attention to differentiated development, increase product research and development investment, strengthen digital construction, these powerful measures help enterprises stabilize market orders, but also promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry and high-quality development.

Pay attention to the global layout, and the anti-risk effect is obvious

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has further highlighted the importance of the global layout of foreign trade enterprises. Textile and garment companies, which have long focused on global layout, stabilized their orders during the epidemic by setting up overseas offices and sales companies.

The fabric products produced by Zhejiang Changxing Silk Co., Ltd. are mainly exported to Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Over the years, the company has successively established independent sales companies in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and other places, including wholly-owned and joint ventures with local partners, directly handling product warehousing, customs clearance and other procedures locally. Relying on the local fabric wholesale market, the company opened sales points and sold products by the cabinet, which greatly mitigated the adverse impact of the obstruction of international personnel on foreign trade business and effectively maintained the market order volume.

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