The company's clothing fabrics do not have the function of inhibiting the activity of COVID-19


2022-11-21 20:05

Founded in September 1985, the company is mainly engaged in silk printing and dyeing, silk clothing and other types of textiles and clothing export production-oriented Sino-foreign joint ventures, with an annual clothing production capacity of 9 million pieces Per AI News, some investors asked on the investor interactive platform: Does the company's clothing fabrics have inhibition of new coronavirus activity? It is recommended that the company start with research and development to launch anti-virus clothing and related fabrics. And many times, most of the older women are busy, and there is not much time to pay attention to the content of dressing, often casually dressed, so they become procrastinating aunts, which not only lowers the overall sense of seniority and appearance, but also becomes old-fashioned and cheaper. Then the following three items are to stay away in order to show their more beautiful side.

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