Clothes shop glass explodes, police take turns to guard overnight


2022-11-21 20:05

The window glass of a women's clothing store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province blew itself up, and the mounted police patrol immediately contacted the owner after discovering it, but the phone was not dialed. The police station also contacted the owner's parents, but the owner's phone number was never reached. In order to ensure the safety of the clothing store's belongings, the team members took turns to stay outside the store until dawn, and the owner finally arrived at the scene at eight o'clock in the morning. In the past, in the eyes of the older generation of women, a pair of small leggings is their own must-have, the top with a mid-length clothing, is undoubtedly a symbol of fashion, in fact, there is no beauty at all, but because the leggings expose your various body problems, such as waist and abdomen with fat meat, wide hips, large buttocks, thick legs, ugly legs and other problems, endless.

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