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2022-12-02 15:36

Think ice cream color and candy color are not eye-catching enough? No problem, this year's neon fluorescent colors will surely satisfy you! If you love to dress up, start preparing your wardrobe early! After experiencing the bleakness of autumn and winter, let's get a neon pick-me-up first! Editor's Analysis: Anna put away her favorite 3D openwork lace this time and chose a neon-colored short dress, which is enough to see the popularity of neon colors. The eye-catching color combination with the simple cut is just right, even if you wear it out of the street, you will not feel out of line. In simple solid color wear, we can not choose a large area of pure black clothing, which will make your already dull and old skin tone more old-fashioned, without freshness. Although there are no bells and whistles, it will also affect your elegant atmosphere and intellectual beauty.

We can change to light color clothing to wear, suitable for most women's skin tone and suitable for the current seasonal atmosphere, fresh and elegant tones, wear the body to make you become fashionable and age-reduced, full of elegance and fashion.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny, every beautiful and excellent woman can create her own charm by working hard to find a suitable outfit.

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