Huasi Official Website Officially Launches 4 Rainbow Items for Spring and Summer to Dress Up the Street and Have a Good Mood


2022-12-02 15:40

Editor's analysis: Spring and summer can finally wear a skirt, be sure to choose bright colors, lemon yellow, vibrant orange are not wrong. Styles with pleats are definitely the hot spot this year, or choose irregular tailoring, vintage or avant-garde are enough to make you stand out. At the event site, convenient "booths" were set up in the lobby on the first floor of the community. Services include housekeeping consultation, umbrella repair, sewing and mending clothes, haircuts, etc., which were warmly welcomed by residents, who waited in long lines for convenient services. Aunt Wang, a resident, said in front of the sewing "stall": "My favorite clothes are broken, I am reluctant to throw them away, and putting them at home occupies space and troubles, and the convenience service helps me sew and mend my clothes, which is really intimate and warm." Ms. Wang compared the clothes with those she had bought at the counter and found many problems. Ms. Wang asked the store to provide proof of purchase, and the store sent her an invoice for the clothes, but the invoice turned out to be more tricky than the clothes.

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