Huasi Textile and Clothing Plate Shocks and Strengthens


2022-12-02 15:42

36Kr learned that as of press time, the textile and clothing sector fluctuated strongly, Anel 7 consecutive boards, Ruyi Group, Fengzhu Textile up limit, Zhongwang Fabric, Nanshan Zhishang, Taimushi, Yunzhong Ma, etc. followed suit. An eye-catching rainbow-colored coat, just one piece is enough to shine on the street. If you're daring, try this year's most popular cable-pull shorts, which maximize the length of your legs. If you are conservative, wear it with traditional black leggings to be in a good mood. A short jacket and a long trench coat, because there was no small size at the counter, Ms. Wang had to go to the online store to buy for her. The price of these two clothes on the Internet is also very different, you can buy it for one or two hundred cheaper, and the expensive one can reach seven or eight hundred. In order to avoid buying fake goods, Ms. Wang specially chose a store with three "crowns" credit rating and a good price.

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