Huasi has been shortlisted as one of the top 100 key textile and clothing brands cultivated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


2022-12-02 15:44

The shortlisted list of 2022 brands this time is not unrelated to Jiangnan Cloth's always insistence on ingenuity and quality. As a brand with strong design genes, Jiangnan Cloth has been constantly exploring in the field of art and design, always adhering to the concept of "art exploration for a better life", adhering to the designer brand positioning, adhering to design-driven brand value and product strength, and constantly strengthening brand power. Strict control in design, material selection, technology and other links to create ingenious products. This year's JNBY<> Fall/Winter collection integrates oriental aesthetics with modern art and design, helping traditional craftsmanship to renew in the field of clothing. Its LESS Seiko series is also a masterpiece of minimalist aesthetics, continuing classic handicraft skills, combined with modern clothing technology, meticulous workmanship, and many traditional craftsmanship and ingenuity designs are embodied behind the minimalist style.

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