Selection activity of "Top 10 Fashion Designers"


2022-12-02 15:52

After careful and professional selection by the judges, Chen Jie, He Bing, Huang Jingjun, Liu Beizhen, Xu Yichun, Zhu Shuxia, Qiu Wenying, Jiang Hongshuai, Chen Jiayu, Yuan Tao, and others were awarded the title of "Top 10 Fashion Designers in Fujian Province". Among them, Yuan Tao won the "Top Ten Designer Award in Fujian Province". Editor's Analysis: You can finally wear a skirt in spring and summer. You must choose bright colors. Tartrazine and vitality orange are not wrong. The pleats on the style are definitely popular this year, or you choose irregular tailoring. Retro or avant-garde is enough to make you stand out.

Age should not become a constraint or limitation for us to pursue beauty, even if we have already entered the 50+age group, there are still many enviable shining points. For example, an elegant and composed temperament is the best gift that time brings to 50+girls, and it is also something that other age groups do not have. It's best to boldly showcase this precious wealth, allowing your confident and charming self to shine even more brightly. In terms of clothing, not wearing it randomly is often the greatest respect for fashion. Keep the clothes simple and the hairstyle fluffy, so you can get closer to fashion. Come and take a look with me, how can you achieve the ultimate in these two points.

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